Livingston Avenue Elementary School

Columbus City Schools, Columbus, Ohio

Design Mission
Harris Architects was the Architect of Record for the new Pre-K through 5th grade elementary.  The new school replaced the historic 1927 Livingston Avenue elementary school which was a community landmark. Our mission was to respect the urban context and scale of the 2.5-acre site by using material components of the landmark building within the context of state of the art, technologically advanced learning environment.

Site Design
By conforming to the perimeter zero lot line urban setback lines along three primary streets, our team worked to create protected exterior playgrounds and vehicular parking / drop off systems that responded to function. Adjacent horizontal and vertical site lines structured the overall geometry of the architecture where, by using these design drivers, we further strengthened the new building's place in the community that has been received as a welcomed complement.

Additionally, our design team consultant, Mr. Jim Bender, AIA, recommended the opportunity to incorporate foundation stone and masonry materials from the existing building into the envelope of the new building design.  Varying combinations of brick sizes and colors, punctuated by differing window combination themes blend with the neighborhood architecture, providing a rich “community of buildings” versus a simplified block mass.

Media Center
Anchoring the design is a two-story media center feature that houses student reference materials and computer research.  The glass curtain wall corner mass allows north light to enter the space, enriching the child’s experience while engaged in study.