Pavilion for Digital Design

Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

With the rapid advancements in technology, communication, art, and science, society’s only constant is "change.”  The concurrent challenge of how we work and celebrate life is more important than ever for creating a “living balance” that defines our physical, psychological well being. Achieving this balance yields opens pathways to a joyful and fulfilled life. Architecture creates an environment for this journey. As design professionals, we create a canvas where lives are shaped in "real time." 

The goal for this commission was to design "a place" for the study of Digital Design in Art, Architecture, and Science.  The “Pavilion” sought to celebrate life, encourage interaction during exploratory study/exhibit studio settings, and capture the excitement of a promising future. With the Chicago Tribune Plaza site and the open space between the Art Institute of Chicago and Piano’s Modern Museum of Art Wing Addition, we designed a  facility that seeks to inspire participants to explore the opportunities found through the use of digital design now available in the fields of Art, Architecture, and Science.